The Future of Mental Healthcare East Summit Agenda 2024

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Conference Agenda

  • April 24th
  • April 25th
  • April 26th
April 24th

8:00 AM ET  Registration, Breakfast and Networking

9:00 AM ET  Chair’s Opening Remarks 

Merrill Friedman, RVP, Inclusive Policy & Advocacy, Elevance Health

9:10 AM ET Keynote Panel Discussion with Open Q&A:  Equitable Care for All: Transforming Mental Health and Substance Use Support

  • What currently are the main barriers preventing people from accessing care, and what steps have your organization taken to address and overcome these barriers?
  • What methods can we utilize to reach underserved populations? 
  • What actions can each stakeholder take now to improve access to mental healthcare and substance use services?  
  • What do you hope the mental health care system will look like in five years? 

Moderated by: Merrill Friedman, RVP, Inclusive Policy & Advocacy, Elevance Health

John Q. Young, MD, MPP, PhD, SVP, Behavioral Health, Northwell Health 

Suzanne Kunis, Vice President, Behavioral Health, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

Andrew Sassani, M.D., Vice President; Chief Medical Officer, California, HAI and MHS, Magellan Health

John MacPhee, CEO, The Jed Foundation

Olivia Davis, Chief Commercial Officer, Headway

10:00 AM ET  Morning Break, Refreshments & Networking

11:00 AM Presentation: The Value Of Whole Health Solutions For Behavioral Healthcare

  • This year, Quartet Health launched a first-of-its-kind Whole Health program which delivers a fully-integrated physical and behavioral health model that will take accountability for the total cost of care on the most complex members.
  • Quartet Health CEO Christina Mainelli will discuss the gaps in the behavioral healthcare market that inspired this revolutionary program and how it provides wraparound care services for a traditionally underserved patient population.
  • This session will also outline the aspects of the program that addresses the needs of a complex patient population with a health equity-based focus.

Christina Mainelli, CEO, Quartet Health

11:25 AM ET Panel Discussion with Open Q&A: Pursuing Parity: Bridging Gaps in Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

  • Achieving mental healthcare parity: why aren’t we there yet?
  • What progress has been made in the past year?
  • What needs to happen to move the needle?
  • What state and federal policies will impact outcomes in behavioral healthcare?

Moderated by: Dr. Peter Cornish, Founder & Senior Advisor, Stepped Care Solutions 

Danna Mauch, President and CEO, Massachusetts Association for Mental Health

Pamela Greenberg, President and CEO, Association for Behavioral Health and Wellness

Tim Clement, Vice President, Federal Government Affairs, Mental Health America

Joe Parks, Medical Director, National Council for Mental Wellbeing

12:10 PM ET Lunch & Networking

2:00 PM ET Roundtable Discussions: Collaborative Solutions to the Challenges Holding Us Back 

During these intimate breakout sessions, attendees will break into smaller, multi stakeholder groups. Through collaboration and peer-peer learning, the group will come up with innovative solutions and actionable items to address challenges facing the behavioral healthcare space.

Marjorie Morrison, Founder, Board Member, Psych Hub

Kevin M. Simon, MD, MPH, Chief Behavioral Health Officer, Boston Public Health Commission

3:00 PM ET Afternoon Break, Refreshments & Networking

4:00 PM Presentation: Achieving Success Through the Convergence of Measurement-Based Care and Value-Based Care

Simon Weisz, Co-Founder and President, Greenspace Health

4:25 PM ET Panel Discussion with Open Q&A: Measuring Progress, Improving Lives: The Role of Measurement Based Care (MBC) in Mental Healthcare

  • Why is the adoption of MBC so low, despite the overwhelming evidence of the benefits? 
  • How can we overcome the barriers to implementing MBC and increase adoption?
  • How can MBC affect change at the patient, provider and payer level?
  • How does MBC intersect with Value Based Care?

Moderated by: Hossam Mahmoud, MD MPH, Regional Chief Medical Officer, Carelon Behavioral Health

Manish Sapra, Executive Director, Behavioral Health Service Line, Northwell Health

Tammer Attallah, MBA, LCSW, Executive Clinical Director, Intermountain Healthcare

Jason Washburn, PhD, Chief Clinical Officer, Owl; Chief Psychologist, Northwestern University

5:10 PM Chair’s Closing Remarks 

Merrill Friedman, RVP, Inclusive Policy & Advocacy, Elevance Health

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April 25th

8:00 AM ET Registration, Breakfast and Networking

9:00 AM ET Chair’s Opening Remarks 

Merrill Friedman, RVP, Inclusive Policy & Advocacy, Elevance Health

9:10 AM ET Presentation: Implementing an Innovative Model of Integrated Health Care in the Homeless Population 

  • The importance of multiple pathways to wellness using a holistic and trauma-informed lens in service delivery.
  • What specific barriers exist in providing physical and mental health care to the homeless community members in Boston and what our approach is in reducing those barriers to accessing care.
  • Using robust multidisciplinary teams to increase engagement and build therapeutic relationships for marginalized populations.
  • The value of collaborating with other homeless service delivery providers in improving health outcomes for those experiencing homelessness.

Samantha Ciarocco,MSW, LICSW, LADCI, Director of Trauma Services, Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program

9:35 AM Panel Discussion with Open Q&A: Integrating Physical and Mental Healthcare: Facilitators and Barriers to Success

  • How can we create a continuum of care, from wellness to crisis intervention?
  • What are the barriers preventing us from integrating mental health care into primary care?
  • Despite the overwhelming evidence of the benefits of integrating healthcare, why aren’t we there yet?
  • What needs to happen to move the needle and convert to a holistic, whole-person view of healthcare?

Mark Friedlander, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer, Behavioral Health, UHS

Jill Borelli, LICSW, Senior Vice President, Behavioral Health, WellSense Health Plan

Shawna Zabkiewicz, BSN RN CCM SSYB,Program Director, Physical Health and Behavioral Health Integration, Carelon Behavioral Health 

Abeer Jaber, VP, Integrated BH Clinical Operations, OptumHealth

Michelle Hoy, LPC, CAS Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations, Ellipsis Health

10:20 AM ET Morning Break, Refreshments & Networking

11:00 AM Presentation: Stronger Together: Non-profit Partnerships for Mental Health

  • Non-profit partnerships are revolutionizing how mental health services are provided online.
  • Find out how companies are partnering with non-profit organizations to increase timely access
  • to mental health services, strengthen user trust, and demonstrate data transparency.

Marlon Morgan, M.A., LPCC, PPS, Founder & CEO, Wellness Together

11:25 AM Presentation: Can Listening to Other People’s Therapy Sessions be Clinically Effective?

  • Stigma and provider shortage are the biggest barriers to increasing access to mental healthcare
  • Discover how provider groups and health plans are implementing a new, scalable modality of treatment – listening to other people’s therapy sessions 
  • We will also compare the outcomes of recorded therapy sessions to traditional forms of therapy

Sushant Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO, Meomind
Jonathan Barry, Senior Vice President – Growth, Meomind

11:50 AM Presentation: The Role and Risks of Social Media on Youth Mental Health: Key learnings from Presence of Mind, a cross-sector approach to support youth mental health

  • Engaging within digital spaces: With each generation, we see youth engaging more within online spaces for their socialization and gaming
  •  Authenticity is key: Engaging teens and young adults with authentic messaging in spaces where they are spending their time is key 
  • Partnership + Collaboration: Our study shows promise in cross-sector collaborative approaches to help provide evidence based mental health information and reduce stigma towards mental health

Gino Mortillaro, MD, Presence of Mind Clinician Lead, Kaiser Permanente

12:15 PM Lunch & Networking

1:50 PM Movement Break: The Body Mind Method

Yana Nakhimova, PhD in social sciences, focusing on behavioral health, has embarked on a journey weaving science with practice. Based on her research, she developed a method called Body Mind, that offers a swift and secure pathway to enhancing behavior through a unique exercise program. Dr. Nakhimova’s approach empowers individuals to cultivate cognitive abilities, including focus, awareness, and resilience, enabling them to effectively overcome stress. Through coaching, educating, and counseling, Yana fosters sustainable holistic health, empowering individuals to push their boundaries and achieve new heights of wellbeing. At the Summit, she will lead a 10-minute movement session to demonstrate how to quickly refocus and increase energy to stay intellectually engaged in long academic conversations and keep up.

Yana Nakhimova, Inventor, The Body Mind Method

2:00 PM Presentation: Resources for Children with Complex Behavioral Health Needs 

Amara Anosike,  Chief of Staff & Strategy, Somerville Public Schools

2:25 PM Fireside Chat with Open Q&A: Integrated Care Solution for Youth with Serious Emotional Disturbances and Substance Use Disorder 

Children and Youth with serious emotional disturbances (SED) and substance use disorder (SUD) require specialized treatment to assure that all of their care needs are assessed and addressed at the earliest opportunity for intervention.  In this session we learn about a specialized, integrated care treatment program that Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey and affiliate NovaWell have developed.  Plan representatives will discuss why it was important to develop this specialized program for youth with SED and/or SUD and how they have engaged both  physical health and behavioral health providers to collaborate in this program.  NovaCommunityCare (NCC) Behavioral health provider partners will discuss the type of services offered in the NCC program, how this program is differentiated from other youth behavioral health programs. We will also learn more about the unique Plan-Provider partnership that has been the underpinning of this highly successful program and a model of collaboration for other health plans.

Moderated by: Suzanne Kunis, President and CEO, NovaWell

Christine Barton LCSW, Vice-President Community Integration and Network Innovation, NovaWell

Michael D’Amico LCSW, Vice President, Oaks Integrated Care

3:00 PM Afternoon Break, Refreshments & Networking

4:00 PM Presentation: Behavioral Health Population Management Programs

Population based programs improve outcomes in behavioral health. In this session learn about two virtual programs to care for people with mild to moderate depression and anxiety, and for those who are seriously and persistently mentally ill. Also shared are learnings from North California Kaiser Permanente’s Intensive Community Treatment program.

Sameer V. Awsare, Associate Executive Director, The Permanente Medical Group

4:25 PM ET Closing Panel Discussion with Open Q&A: Treating Substance Use Disorders: Why have we Stalled?

  • What progress has been made in the past year when supporting those living with substance use disorders and why has progress stalled?
  • What infrastructure is needed to better engage and support both providers and patients?
  • What evidence based treatments and outcomes measures should we be using?
  • What is the missing piece to improve outcomes for substance use treatments? 

Bradley Lerner, Director, Public Policy, Manager, Behavioral Health and Enterprise Issues, Elevance Health 

Mason Turner, Senior Medical Director for Behavioral Health, Intermountain Healthcare 

Sarah Wakeman, Medical Director for Substance Use Disorder, Mass General Brigham

Nathaniel Counts, Chief Policy Officer, The Kennedy Forum

5:10 PM Chair’s Closing Remarks

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April 26th

8:00 AM Breakfast, Refreshments & Networking

9:00 AM ET Chair’s Opening Remarks 

Merrill Friedman, RVP, Inclusive Policy & Advocacy, Elevance Health

9:10 AM ET Fireside Chat with Open Q&A: The Rise of AI: Addressing the Risks and Harnessing the Opportunities of AI and Digital Tools

  • What are the opportunities and potential for using AI in mental healthcare?
  • What innovative ways is AI currently being used in mental healthcare? 
  • What are the risks we need to be aware of when using AI tools? 
  • What work is being done to mitigate these risks? 

Moderated by: Ronke Komolafe, CEO – Integrated Physical & Behavioral Health Alliance, Mental Health Chair at Forbes Business Council

Cara Fuchs, Vice Chair, Chief of Psychology; Director, Integrated Behavioral Health, Boston Medical Center

Samta Shukla, PhD, Director of Data Science, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota

Josh Pappas, Senior Director of Sales, Kintsugi

9:40 AM Morning Break and Refreshments 

10:30 AM Presentation: Deploying Virtual Care to Create Equity in Mental Health Access

Dawn Zieger, Vice President, Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, Geisinger

10:55 AM Presentation: Case Study: Mental Health Insights & Learnings from the Past 10 Years––
How to Make Mental Health Support Even More Accessible

  • Why mental health support via text is effective across demographics
  • Understanding how major events have a far-reaching impact on mental health 
  • Volunteer Impact

Shairi Turner, MD, MPH, Chief Health Officer, Crisis Text Line

11:20 AM Closing Panel Discussion with Open Q&A: Shifting the Focus to Whole-Person Care: Reimagining How We Perceive Quality and Value in Mental Healthcare

  • How do we currently measure quality in the mental healthcare system? How should we be measuring quality?
  • How can we shift the focus to holistic, whole-person care?
  • What are the opportunities for value based care to transform behavioral healthcare?
  • How can we challenge our healthcare system to start thinking more broadly about how we perceive quality?

Moderated by: Merrill Friedman, RVP, Inclusive Policy & Advocacy, Elevance Health

Susan Beane, MD FACP, Executive Medical Director, Healthfirst 

John Santopietro, MD, DFAPA, Senior Vice President, Hartford HealthCare

Tracey Weeden, MA-LICSW/ FL-LCSW, CSW Supervisor, Executive Director of Brockton Behavioral Health Center, Boston Medical Center 

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