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The Future of Mental Healthcare East Summit Agenda

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Conference Day 1

  • April 19th 2023
April 19th 2023

8:00 AM ET  Registration, Breakfast and Networking

9:00 AM ET  Chair’s Opening Remarks 

9:10 AM ET Keynote Presentation: The Current Landscape of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Space – Where are we Now? 

  • Discussing the current trends and outcomes in the mental health and wellbeing space 
  • Exploring the hurdles which need to be overcome to improve access, engagement and outcomes in mental healthcare 
  • Deep diving into opportunities for innovation and transformation

9:35 AM ET Keynote Panel Discussion with Open Q&A:  Creating a Patient-Centered, Integrated Continuum of Care from Prevention and Wellness to Crisis Intervention  

Our current mental healthcare system is fragmented, disconnected and overwhelmed. Some say we do not have a mental healthcare system in the US, just a number of silos working independently with limited entry points. This results in a confusing mental healthcare journey which is hard to navigate. In order to improve access, engagement and outcomes in mental health and substance use care, we need to reimagine the way we deliver care. 

  • How can we switch the focus to personalized, holistic, whole-person care?
  • How can we create a personal and connected mental health care system? 
  • What is it like to be a person in this system, and how can we increase entry points and improve navigation through the system? 
  • How can we integrate technology and digital solutions to improve the mental health and wellbeing ecosystem?
  • How can we reimagine the current fragmented system to improve people’s mental healthcare journey?

Trip Hofer, CEO, OptumHealth Behavioral Health Solutions

Rhonda Robinson Beale, SVP Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Mental Health Services, UnitedHealth Group

Suzanne Kunis, Vice President, Behavioral Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield New Jersey 

Naomi Garcia Alvarez, Associate Vice President, Behavioral Health, Molina Healthcare

Anitha Iyer, Director of Behavioral Health Population Management, Mount Sinai Health System

10:20 AM ET  Morning Break, Refreshments & Networking

11:00 AM ET Presentation: How are we Evaluating Mental Healthcare Solutions?

  • Discussing if we are collecting the right data to evaluate mental healthcare solutions
  • Exploring how we can standardize outcomes measurement 
  • A deep dive into the vision for the next few years 

Samuel Nordberg, Chief of Behavioral Health, Reliant Medical Group

11:25 AM ET Presentation: How is 988 Helping to Reimagine the Way We Combat the Behavioral Healthcare Crisis? 

  • Discussing the initial findings following the transition to the 988 hotline last July
  • Exploring how the 988 hotline can help in transforming the mental healthcare system in the US

John Palmieri, Senior Medical Advisor, SAMHSA; Acting Director, 988 and Behavioral Health Crisis Coordinating Office

11:50 AM ET Panel Discussion with Open Q&A: How Can we Improve Access to the Appropriate, High-Quality, Evidence-Based Care?

A large proportion of people live with a substance use or mental health challenge, an issue only exacerbated during the pandemic. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the number of adults reporting symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder nearly tripled, and the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention reported that drug overdoses increased 15% in 2021. An alarming number of people with mental health or substance use challenges admitted to not receiving care. 

  • What are the main challenges preventing people from accessing mental health and substance use care?
  • How can digital tools support measurement based care and expand access? 
  • How can we not only improve access, but improve access to appropriate, evidence based, high-quality care? 
  • How can we shift the focus to value based care? 
  • What can we do to improve access to mental health and substance use care?

Deborah Weidner, Vice President, Patient Safety & Quality, Behavioral Health Network, Hartford HealthCare

David Matteodo, Executive Director, Massachusetts Association of Behavioral Health Systems

Philip Wang, Chief Science Officer, Cambridge Health Alliance

Marketa Wills, Chief Medical Officer, John Hopkins HealthCare 

Doreen marshall, VP, Mission Engagement, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention 

12:35 PM ET Lunch & Networking

2:00 PM ET Presentation: What Would it Look Like if we Truly Prioritized Social Determinants of Health in Mental Healthcare Interventions?

  • How can we reimagine mental healthcare systems to prioritize social determinants of health as much as we do diagnosis?
  • What would this look like from a strategy standpoint? 
  • Do insurance companies need to buy into this for this to be fully realized?

Deb Goldfarb, Director of Behavioral Health, Population Health, Boston Medical Center

2:25 PM ET Presentation: Addressing the Institutional Barriers to Access in the Mental Healthcare System 

  • How do we improve access for behavioral healthcare for underrepresented and marginalized communities
  • How do we address the mental health inequities in the mental healthcare system 
  • Ensuring trauma informed, culturally appropriate ways to address the mental health needs of all


2:50 PM ET Panel Discussion with Open Q&A: Embedding Equity and Excellence in Mental Healthcare

The pandemic has worsened and highlighted health disparities in the mental healthcare system. To move forward and truly embed equity and excellence in the mental healthcare system, we need to overcome stigma and discrimination, reduce disparities and promote social justice. How can we systematically pursue health equity and provide whole person care?

  • How can we improve preventative care which addresses the root causes of their mental health or substance use disorder?
  • How can we address the different barriers which prevent people from seeking care?
  • How can we take a holistic lens to view people with all their needs and strengths, not just their diagnosis?
  • How do we build models to improve access to inclusive, trauma-informed care?
  • How do we design and evaluate systems which increase access to marginalized populations?

Arthur Evans, CEO, American Psychological Association 

Colette Edwards, National Medical Director, Associate Health and Well-Being, Humana 

Ipsit Vahia, Director, Technology and Aging Laboratory, McLean

Tracy Parris-Benjamin, Director, Community Health and Health Equity, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

Charlotte Owens, Vice President, Head of Center for Health Equity and Patient Affairs, Takeda

3:35 PM ET Afternoon Break, Refreshments & Networking

4:15 PM ET Presentation: Expanding the Mental Health Care Toolbox

  • Exploring new, innovative treatment models for mental health and substance use disorders 
  • Discussing how we can diversify and scale up care options and integrate these tools into the mental healthcare delivery system
  • How do we support patients who aren’t being helped by current models?

Wayne Young, CEO, The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD

4:40 PM ET Panel Discussion with Open Q&A: Expanding, Developing and Diversifying the Workforce

The demand for mental healthcare services was rising before the pandemic, and the pandemic stretched an already overburdened mental healthcare workforce to breaking point. The provider shortage is arguably the biggest challenge facing the mental healthcare space today and the gap between demand and supply is only growing. 

  • What innovative models can we use to expand the mental health care workforce?
  • How can we employ and cultivate a representative workforce at all levels?
  • How can we leverage tech across the continuum of care to ease the burden for mental health providers? 
  • How can we build a system which focuses on prevention and improves resilience and wellness in the population?
  • What can we do to diversify the workforce and increase mental health care options for patients?

Vikram Patel, The Pershing Square Professor of Global Health, Harvard Medical School

Aliya Jones, Executive Medical Director of Behavioral Health Services, Luminis Health

Robin Caruso, Chief Togetherness Officer, Anthem

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Conference Day 2

  • April 20th 2023
April 20th 2023

8:00 AM ET Registration, Breakfast and Networking

9:00 AM ET Chair’s Opening Remarks

9:10 AM ET Presentation: Expanding Access via Peer Support and Peer-to-Peer Models

  • Exploring how we can think of mental health more broadly than just services
  • How can we reimagine mental health care with people with lived experience at the center?
  • How can we advocate for support programs for young people and advance the public education, policy and organization side?

Kelly Davis, Associate Vice President of Peer and Youth Advocacy, Mental Health America

9:35 AM ET Panel Discussion with Open Q&A: Elevating and Empowering Young People in their Mental Healthcare Journey

The pandemic only exacerbated the already increasing prevalence of mental healthcare and substance use issues in young people, with more than half of parents expressing concerns over their children’s mental wellbeing. We must address that the current youth mental health crisis is flawed and reform the way we promote wellbeing in young people. 

  • How can we elevate the voice of young people with lived experience in discussions?
  • What can we do to improve early intervention and empowerment?
  • How can we support teachers and parents to identify mental healthcare issues and support young people with lived experience?
  • How can we best reach and support young people living with mental health, substance use and eating disorders?

Marleen Litt, Director of Children’s Services, Behavioral Health, UnitedHealth Group 

Miri Bar-Halpern, Director of Intensive Outpatient Program, Boston Child Study Center 

Vandana Pant, Senior Director Design & Innovation, Sutter Health

10:20 AM ET Morning Break, Refreshments & Networking

11:05 AM ET Presentation: Aligning Incentives for Long Term Mental Healthcare Services

  • Discussing how on a policy and economic level we can work towards reducing deaths of despair 
  • A deep dive into the planning required to align incentives and improve mental healthcare  
  • How we can ensure innovations are sustainable for long-term, value-based mental health care  

Nathaniel Counts, SVP, Behavioral Health Innovation, Mental Health America

11:30 AM ET Closing FireSide Chat with Open Q&A: Improving Outcomes in Substance Use and Mental Healthcare

  • How can providers and payers collaborate to improve outcomes in substance use and mental healthcare?
  • How can we shift the focus to value based outcomes measurements and paymers? 
  • How can we co-create innovative solutions to improve outcomes? 
  • How can technology be used to advance mental healthcare outcomes? 
  • How can we establish an evidence based continuum of care? 

Jill Borelli, Vice President, Behavioral Health, Point32Health

Chair’s Closing Remarks and Close of the Future of Mental Healthcare Summit 

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